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HOW TO: The Basic Embroidery Stitches for Beginners Video Tutorial

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I made a new video over on my Youtube channel of the basic embroidery stitches that I use the most and a break down of how to do them. I thought a video like this may be useful to refer back to when you are taking on a new embroidery project and want to try some new techniques out. Below I have listed what the different stitches are useful for with examples of my own work for reference, let me know if you use any of them differently! What embroidery stitch do you use the most?

What Are The Different Stitches Good For?

Running Stitch
Running stitch has multiple uses but I use it most for keeping an appliqued piece in place, if I'm layering felts or fabrics, it's the stitch I use the most to attach them. Another stitch which is good for this is whip stitch. I didn't actually include this in a video but it might be worth looking up if layering is something you intend on doing a lot.

Running stitch used around the green layer of felt

Back Stitch
I think the embroidery stitch I use the most is back stitch. It's really good for making straight lines so great for outlining an image, lettering or making mouths on Kawaii plushies. I've been using it a lot lately for embroidering names on to personalised Christmas decorations.

Back stitch used to outline the leaves

Satin Stitch
Satin stitch allows you to fill in a shape that you want to solid and not have any gaps. I personally like using this for flowers and leaves but again, it has multiple uses. The patches you see artists making all over Instagram mainly use this technique.

Split Stitch
Split stitch is a more decorative way of creating a complete line, similar to back stitch. However, because the shape it creates is more unusual, it is perfect for creating vines, flower steams and a lace effect outline.

Satin stitch used to create the leaves and split stitch is used for the vine

French Knot
A lovely decorative way to fill an empty space or great to use in a lace-type design. French knots are a pretty and simple way to add some interest to any piece, they are much easier to do than they look!

French knot used in the middle of the strawberry

Chain Stitch
Another decorative way to create a line in embroidery, chain stitch is an easy way to add something unusual to your piece. It is also great for creating flower petals.

Blanket Stitch
Blanket stitch is perfect for going around the edge of two pieces of fabric to join them. I use blanket stitch more than anything and if you have watched any of my plushie DIY videos before, you will be well aware of this! I personally think it looks very pretty and is the most professional way to hand stitch a plushie or decorative item. It's also very easy to learn but look pretty damn fancy.

Blanket stitch around the edge of the pumpkin
If you liked the video, please subscribe over on my Youtube channel, I'm trying to upload regulary at the moment! Also, my example images of the stitches are taken from my Instagram, if you are interested in seeing daily updates of my projects, make sure you are following me on there! Instagram: kateskraft

Much love,

Katie x


DIY | Jigglypuff Headphone Holder Keyring VIDEO TUTORIAL

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Yes, I am one of the many grown ups who have been swept up in the Pokemon Go craze. The only reason I have started walking more places is to hatch eggs and when I can't sleep at night, I don't count sheep; I catch Pokemon. You may call it sad but I don't care. I have all three evolutions of Eevee and a Hitmonchan for God's sake! I know I'm winning.

All jokes aside, the majority of Pokemon are insanely cute and whether you want to admit it or not, I know you want one on your keyring. I've put together a DIY tutorial for a Jigglypuff keyring and I've even designed it to be practical, she will carry your headphones (earphones) around for you too. Awhhh :)

For this craft you will need:

  • Pink, black, blue and white felt
  • Pink and black embroidery thread
  • Ribbon
  • A glue gun
  • A lobster clasp
  • Split rings or jump rings
  • A button 

Watch the video to learn the process!

A Few Extra Tips:

For the shapes, draw around household objects
This might sound a little self explanatory so I'm sorry if that's the case, however if you are stuck how to get a perfect circle for your Jigglypuff, draw around a jar lid like I did in the video. For the smaller circles you can also draw around anything from a lipstick lid to a glue stick, use what you have and it makes it a lot easier!

Use thick, good quality felt
Because this item is going to attach to your bag or your keys, you need the fabric you are using to withhold the the wear and tear. I would suggest using a good quality or thick felt for this as otherwise you risk it ripping near the button hole. 

Glue gun or sew?
A glue gun in craft projects probably cuts your making time by half, honestly they are so useful to have! However, if you want a more professional finish, try wip stitching around the features.

Learn basic stitches
So, I'm aware in a 5 minute video your not going to learn how to do specific stitches that easily, you probably need to have the basics knowledge in that already. I am planning on doing a very simple video/blog post showing and explaining how to use the basic stitches so once you have that covered, you can go on to do anything! Once that is up, I will post it here :)

Happy sewing!

Much love,

Katie x


Wedding Embroidery Hoop and A Mini Update

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Life has been a bit on the busy side lately but I'm feeling really inspired and motivated at the moment! I'm planning on making lots of new content here on my blog and on my Youtube channel over the summer. I've got loads of really fun DIY ideas lined up so make sure to look out for those! I'm so pleased to see that people are still viewing my tutorials and finding my content useful, it makes me so motivated to keep making them! My Youtube channel has recently hit over 45,000 views, which is incredible! I've got big plans to keep improving my little space on the internet so thank you for staying on board! <3

I'm also currently working away to redesign my Etsy shop and give it a complete revamp for the summer! I have a shop update coming soon including some new bits I've been working on recently. It's going to be a busy summer full of craft fares and shop updates but I'm really excited to get going! There is a lot of change brewing in my life at the moment but I know for sure that it's all positive and moving me forward, hopefully in the right direction! I'm actually starting to feel excited about where the rest of the year can take me.

Yey for crafting!

Wedding Embroidery Hoop 

I thought I would post a few photos of one of the latest gifts I had been working on. It was so lovely to make a keep sake to commemorate someone's wedding day, it's such a huge moment and I was so pleased that the happy couple liked it! I think embroidery hoops work so well for gifts as they can be be personalised and they can be displayed a number of ways. I love the idea of it being hung in someone's home and always reminding them of a wonderful occasion.

I used a combination of back stitch, split stitch and satin stitch in a 8" hoop.

Much love,

Katie x

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